Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Like Facebook wants to rule the world?

Facebook will be held this week, three F8 Developers Conference, at which they will announce that can enhance their influence in the whole network plan. These include include a "like" button and one for the site's community-based toolbar. Throughout the network, so you can see them everywhere, this scheme allows Facebook and Myspace to avoid the same destiny?

Social network in Starbucks?

You should remember the past, social networking is our destination. As Friendster became slow and unreliable when large-scale users to migrate to Myspace. Until MySpace has become bloated, do we all go jump Facebook. Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) is very clear threat: if a destination site, users quickly jump to the next cool hangout to.

This is why Facebook aspires to be a strong platform. More and more companies rely on Facebook, the less likely it failed. Zynga Facebook as a platform to the market value of the company has more than 100 million U.S. dollars, there are thousands of web site login system is using Facebook Connect. Toolbar and "like" button on their next strategy; distributed through the provision of more services, Facebook has gradually become an invaluable platform. Points (Facebook Credits, Facebook virtual currency, I suddenly thought of Q coins), the connection (Facebook Connect), the toolbar - these things are distributed throughout the network trying to weave a social network diagram on Facebook.

Its commitment to become the coolest bar in town, so customers will more quickly to the next wave of the zone, not as good as - Facebook is planning to become a Starbucks on the network, through a spread in every corner of the "like" button!

Their plans are great, but there is a flaw: dependence Facebook has a "social network map", that is, the relationship you are in the network, and (joining the "like" button) to your personal preference data.

This plan is only to consider the interests from Facebook, lock the user's social network map, does not take into account the best interests of the user. If you Twitter, Google or other sites to your social network graph becomes portable, so you do not need to store their information on the Facebook - and you can take them wherever possible to do what you want to do .

Maybe Facebook need not worry. Most users do not know nor care about social graph portability, such as Facebook Connect, Like and toolbars have been able to provide enough of these data access capabilities, to meet the developers and the majority of people who, in addition to the most critical part of the network users.

They can maintain a social graph? This is the decision of the fate of a Facebook problem.

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