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winamp visual effects studio creating Flash

Effect Description:
Start winamp, open the winamp settings panel "Select plugin / visual effects" can be seen winamp visual studio plug-ins, click the plug-in option to open AVS panel can enjoy a number of very stunning visual effects. This article is the introduction of such visual effects with Flash production methods. Design results are as follows:

Preview some of the design effect

These effects if applied to your Flash MTV in which the great! Due to space relations, I can only give you on one of the simpler method of making the effect. However, as long as you learn to create this effect, and then fixed brains and hands, it can do to other more dazzling effect.


Open FlashMX: shortcut keys Ctrl + J, set the scene for the 400px 脳 400px, black, frame rate 12fps.

First, the design of components

眉 pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F8 to create a new named "part" of the Movie Clip symbol. Then in the "part" of the scene in a few random draw circle, triangle, square; lines can also be a dotted line; also can be designed very rough. Shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 "part" symbol set

To make a more brilliant effect, this part is to take half a brain design. If the "part" symbol image is also available within the movement, then the effect will be even more complicated.

眉 pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F8 to create a new called "motion" of the Movie Clip symbol. "Motion" symbol in the composition layer and the frame structure shown in Figure 2. Figure 2, the right for the Library panel, panel, for all components.

Figure 2 "film text" layer and frame structure

Figure 3 change "part" shape of the symbol

Now set about "Move" level in five key frame.

First of all, the movie clip "motion" scene in "Layer 1" layer name to "Move". Then pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + L open library, the library movie clip symbol "part" drag and drop to the "Move" Layer in. Right-click the layer of the first one, select Create Motion Tween command to establish the frame of gradual movement.

Click the first frame were 15,30,45,60, F6 shortcut keys insert key frame. Now, to change the key frame is "part" symbol size, angle, shape, in order to achieve the shape changes.

Click on the first 15 in the "part" symbol shortcut keys Ctrl + T to open Transform panel and shown in Figure 3 Scaling "part" symbol. Click the 15th frame, pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F3 Open the Properties panel and select Rotate as shown in Figure 4, the drop-down menu in the CCW command to "part" symbol from the beginning of the frame to the next key frame in a counterclockwise movement .


Article 30 as long as the "part" symbol to enlarge a little on it.

Figure 4, the first 15 to change the direction of rotation of the symbols

Figure 5 to change the first 30 in the "part" symbol

Article 45 of the "part" symbol reduced to half the original, and vertical flip.

60 frames with the first one set to the same, so you can ensure video playback of fluency.

眉 pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + F8 to create a new named "color" of the Movie Clip symbol. "Color" sign in only a layer; is 60; every 10 as a key frame. Each key frame will be on the "motion" video clip of the color and size settings. Space relations, say 10 and 40 of the setting, other settings similar to the key frame.

First library in the "motion" symbol drag to the "color" sign scene layer, the method used to establish 5 ibid key frame. Select the first 10 scenes in the "motion" symbol, open the Properties panel and set as shown in Figure 6. Then the "motion" symbol top left corner to move a little away from the scene. Tint said that the color images.

Figure 6 in "motion" symbol color

The first 40 scenes in the "motion" symbol choose dark blue, the bottom left corner to move a little away from the scene.

Second, the design scene

1. Layer of the main scene

As shown in Figure 7, the establishment of "Actions" and "Sybmol" two. Symbol from the library to "color" drag and drop to the "Sybmol" layer. Select the "Sybmol" layer "color" sign, open Properties panel to give it name from a solid "part". Shown in Figure 8.

Figure 7, the main scene and the frame structure of the middle

Figure 8 named "color" symbol of the entity name

2. Design control procedures.

Were selected "Actions" layer in the first 2,3-frame press F7 key to insert a blank keyframe and press F9 key to open the Actions panel, enter the following code:

鈥?the first one in the code as follows:

i = 1; file / / control the depth of the film copy to be copied out of the video difference

j = 40; file / / and the role of the variable i, like, but j is the control variable used to delete videos

k = 100; file / / control video scaling parameters, the size of random

num = 80; file / / copy control maximum amount of video

setProperty ("part", _visible, 0); file / / hide the female parent

鈥?Article 2 of the code is as follows:

while (i
file / / on the film "color" to copy

duplicateMovieClip ("part", "part" add i, 100-i);

file / / setProperty () statement is to film in the X-axis direction by a certain percentage to zoom

file / / parameter "k * random (i)" once again reflects the charm of a random function, its role is to control video scaling

setProperty ("part" add i, _xscale, k * random (i));

setProperty ("part" add i, _yscale, k * random (i));

setProperty ("part" add i, _alpha, num-i);

i = i +1;

removeMovieClip ("part" add random (j)); file / / randomly remove videos


鈥?Article 3 of the code is as follows:

gotoAndPlay (2); / / return the first two

In fact, to achieve this effect, random function is the first contributor, followed by the design of the symbol. As you can sign design inspiration in the visual effects in winamp in search. Then, design a good number of effect, how to easily make calls and enjoy them? Here we teach the most simple way:

Click the Windows menu / Common Libraries / Button command, open the Button Library, drag a button to the main scene, and then right-click this button, select the Actions command, enter the following code:

on (release) (

loadMovieNum ("xxx.swf", 0);


Final results are added together to give each a call button so that it can call each other each other.


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